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Elite vs. Select

  • Sportika Baseball focuses on each player developing their skills to the top of their ability. With that being said we want our players to be challenged but not outclassed. With years of experience, our staff has the knowledge of what is required at each age level to be a successful team. Our staff will evaluate each player and decide whether they can perform well at the top level or they need time to develop. At the same time, we feel to develop a good baseball player they deserve playing time in game situations. To do so, our organization's goal is to have an elite and select team at each age level. It is our job to place each player on a roster where they will be challenged but can compete every time on the field.

What is the difference?

  • There is not much of a difference in what our elite teams and select teams will receive. Both levels will be offered the same amount of professional coaching throughout the year. The main difference between an elite and a select team is the level of competition they’ll face throughout the year. As mentioned in our overall goals, each player will be placed where we feel they will be challenged but not outclassed. As an organization we also would never want to hold a player back from advancing in his development, therefore roster moves are always open to be made throughout the year if a player has earned his right to be on the top team of his age group.   

  • Our elite teams compete at the highest level of competition possible. These teams will travel and play top notch academies/ teams around the tri- state area, and our older age groups (14U^) will face ranked competition throughout the country.  

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