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  • Designed to address the individual needs of any ballplayer regardless of age or ability level, our private lessons are geared to strengthen core fundamentals while addressing areas for improvement.

  • Each private lesson with a Sportika instructor provides a comprehensive game plan and intensive one-on-one training session. Lessons can be scheduled for 30 or 60 minutes depending on the individual instructor.

  • Whether the focus is hitting, pitching or position specific (fielding), private lessons are essential to boost a player's development. At Sportika Baseball, the fundamentals are introduced, taught, reinforced and repeated each and every lesson.

  • Evaluation: Parents, if you are unsure of the desired lesson focus that you think you son needs, we recommend using the first lesson as an evaluation from one of our instructors. This will allow the instructor to provide specific feedback on the areas we see the player(s) needs the most development.  This one-hour evaluation will cover all aspects of the game including physical skill sets on both offense and defense.  Please inform the instructor if this something you would like to do.

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