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Mission Statement & Overall Goals 

Mission Statement

  • The mission of the Sportika Baseball Organization is to lead the youth of the area in developing the fundamental skills of baseball, understand and appreciate the rules of the game, and to instill qualities such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play. We, at Sportika Baseball, are committed to providing the very best educational and sports experience possible… advancing dreams one base at a time.


Overall Goals

  • Sportika Baseball is an organization that is making a major impact on the state of New Jersey. With one of the highest rated facilities in the state, Sportika is able to offer full year skills training to its players.

  • Sportika Baseball strongly focuses on the development and growth of each individual player. From ages 8 to 18, players will receive the highest level of performance training and be guided to success in their future.

  • Not only does Sportika support their players while in their organization but they assist them in pursuing their main goal to succeed at the next level, whether that be high school, college, or professional baseball. 

  • While molding these kids into talented baseball players, Sportika also emphasizes good sportsmanship and always giving 100%. As a program we understand developing an excellent player isn’t only making sure he has the best skills, but also that our players express themselves the right way on the baseball field. Players will be taught that baseball is filled with failure and how they respond will be something all players need to learn if they want to play at the next level.

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