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"Trust the Process"

Sticking to a long- term plan even when facing adversity

Director Nick Franke Jr. has incorporated the term “Trust the Process,” and is using it as a theme to what we are building here at Sportika Baseball Academy.

  • The term has become a catchphrase in sports but it’s true meaning is the key point Nick is getting across to his organization.

  • Nick has been with Sportika since its origination (Sportika Sox) and with many obstacles to overcome throughout the process he has still found a way to elevate the academy to where it is today. 

  • With hard work and dedication we as an organization will keep striving to be the best, and refuse to stop until our objective is complete. All you have to do is “Trust the Process” and we, Sportika Baseball, will give you that opportunity to achieve success in your future.  

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